Adding and adjusting images on your page

There are two different ways to add images to your page. Check out these step-by-step instructions or this tutorial video on how to do so: 


Upload an image directly from your device

1. Click the blue  camera icon and select an image to upload.

2. Once you upload an image, you can zoom in and out using the + and - icons. The  checkbox saves the image.

3. If you need to adjust the image further, you can click the  pencil icon

4. Click on  Blank Placeholder to change the width and height of the placeholder box used for your image. 

By default, uploaded images are resized to dimensions of the placeholder image. This means that, if the placeholder image is 400px by 400px, the uploaded image will be resized to 400px by 400px. In the Blank Placeholder window you can also select if you'd like your image to display as a square or a circle. 

You can also select whether the placeholder will be a  Square or Circle.

5. Once the placeholder image is adjusted, you will have to upload your image once more. 

6.   Save your changes.

Change the image source

1. Click the orange  pencil icon to change the URL of the image. 

2. Copy and paste the URL of an image that is hosted online into the  Source input field. 

3.   Save your changes. 

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