Get started with Tracktor

Welcome to the Tracktor app!

Tracktor is able to add a page to your Shopify store where customers can track the shipping status of their orders.

What to expect with Tracktor

The tracking form that you can add to your Shopify store (which you can do by following this  help article) will look like this:

After a customer inputs their information and clicks on Track, they'll be able to see the shipping status of their order:

Tracktor Dashboard

The Tracktor dashboard will allow you to customize the look of the Tracktor form.

The first setting that you can adjust is adding Custom Order Status. This help article will go over how to add them and set them to your orders: Click here!

The Display Format will allow you to choose a display layout for the Tracktor form. It can either be displayed in a Vertical format (which is recommended when utilizing Custom Order Status), or in a Horizontal format, which is how the example image displays the the tracking information above.

The Theme Style will let you configure the look of your Tracktor form that is best able to complement your theme. If your theme has a lighter background, it would be best to select Light. If your theme has a darker look, you would select Dark

You can adjust the maximum width that the Tracktor form will take up on the page.

Below this, you'll be able to change the color of the progress bar on your Tracktor form. 

For any additional features and assistance, you can check out our Tracktor help documents or contact our Customer Success team from the top of your Tracktor app dashboard:

Once your Tracktor form page is setup and your orders are configured, your customers will be able to easily check the status of their orders straight from your Shopify store! *High Five*

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