Add-on product not added to order total

The Add-On price is determined by the Shopify variant that you have linked onto the Option set created using Infinite Options.

Typically, the main item's cost and the attached Shopify variant's cost will display separately on the cart page:

By default, customers are able to remove items from the cart page. 

The line of text (" Product Bundle Test" in this case) under the original item will still list even if they remove the add-on item ("Jamming" in this case) from their cart in order for the bundle feature to work properly.

We recommend fulfilling orders by products listed on the order confirmation rather than by the line item properties/options listed in case this situation occurs and a customer removes the additional cost.

Alternative ways to address customers removing add-on item:

Note: These methods will only affect the cart page, but it does not affect how the products appear at checkout and on the backend.

1. As a workaround, you could add "_io_" in front of the field name for the bundled option. After you do that, the bundled option text under the main product will be hidden (as long as you follow this document: Hiding product bundle data on the cart page). 

The customer will no longer see the bundled option as a text and this can lessen the confusion.

2. The second solution that we could implement on your store would be to display the parent product whenever a customer adds both the add-on product and the parent product to their cart. 

If the customer removes the parent product, the cart page will update and the add-on product will display. This will prevent customers from removing the add-on product while having the field name display still.

If you are interested in this, you can take a look at this demo store: Click here for demo!

In the screenshot shown below, you can see that the add-on item (Gift Wrapping + $10) can no longer be removed from the cart page, but the total still reflects the updated product total. 

Note: This product bundle cart workaround method's compatibility can vary depending on the way your theme's cart page functions.