Hide add-on products from Online Store

In order for product add-ons to work with Infinite Options, these products must be active and marked as available on the Online Store sales channel.

However, there is a way to hide these add-ons from displaying on your store catalog.

Shown below is a video as well as some steps you can take to achieve this:

Add Product Type to Organize it in a Hidden Collection

  1. Add a Product type (for example, "add-on") to the products you would like to hide.
  2. Note: We recommend removing any previously existing tags or product types and including a product description stating that these add-on products should not be purchased alone. 

  3. Once the above settings are saved and you add the Product type for all products you would like hidden, you will want to navigate to your Collections page to create a new collection.
  4. Feel free to title the collection however you like. In the example below we titled it "All" to represent all products that we want shown on the Online Store channel:

    - You will want to copy and paste the Product type that you use from the previous step into the condition set in the screenshot below.
  5. Once the "Product type is not equal to" condition is set, Save the collection.
  6. Now, products with this Product type should be hidden from your store.

Although this will hide add-on products from displaying, please note that the products would still be searchable in your store if your product page contains a search bar. Click here for more details. 

Remove add-on product from browser's search results