Customize store branding

The following guide details the style changes you can make to your Fablet store.


The header section of the app contains your logo (or store name), the cart and menu icons.

You can change the color of your store name if you opt to leave it as text.

You can change the background of the header, the color of the icons and the color and background color of the cart count indicator.


You can change the category text color and font that appears when you're viewing a category page.

The background color of the product thumbnail images can be changed. This only appears if your thumbnail layout is set to Contain and there is negative space around your images.

Changing the page background option will also change the background color of the cover page as well.


Changing the font and color of product names will do so everywhere your products are displayed i.e. categories, the cart summary page, and search results.

Changing the option button color and background will affect the select menu on your smartphone site and the option buttons on your tablet site.


You can change the font and color of the headlines and text on your static pages.

The background color of your static pages can also be changed.


This is the slide-out menu that contains a list of pages and categories for your store.

You can change the background color, font and link color. The section styles are for the dividers for Pages, Categories and Settings.


Changing the settings within this section will affect both the Add to Cart button on the product page, and the Proceed to Checkout button that's located on the cart summary screen.