Get started with Fablet

Welcome to the Fablet app!

Fablet will convert your Shopify store into a mobile-optimized version of itself for your customers viewing your store from a mobile or tablet device. 

This will automatically sync with your Shopify store, pulling in all product and collection information.

Fablet Dashboard

The Fablet Dashboard will be the place where you control all of your Fablet mobile store's settings and design:

Edit your store's collections on your Fablet store and your Fablet store's Pages from the General tab. All collections will be synced to your Fablet app on this page.

Not seeing all of your Collections coming through to Fablet? You may need to adjust your Fablet Price Plan within the Upgrade tab of your Fablet Dashboard in order to increase the number of products that your Fablet store is able to display.

Customize your Fablet store's color scheme, product image configurations, and store graphics from the Design tab.

Integrate your Fablet store with your social media sites, Google Analytics, and more from the Integrations tab.

Configure your Fablet store's name, contact information, custom domain, and more from the Settings tab.

To enable the mobile and tablet version of your store, you can go to the Publish tab of your Fablet app dashboard:

To check out the different price plans and features available for Fablet, you can go to the Upgrade tab of your Fablet dashboard:

For any additional features and assistance, you can check out our Fablet help documents or contact our Customer Success team from the top of your Fablet app dashboard:

Once your Fablet app is configured, your customers will have access to a beautifully optimized version of your Shopify store on the go, no matter what mobile device they are using! *High Five*