Adding and adjusting images on your article


There are two different ways to add images to your article. Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to do so: 

Upload an image directly from your device

1. Drag and drop an Image content block on to your article.

2. Click the  photo icon, which is the third icon out of the three, and select an image to upload.

3. Once you upload an image, it will upload and display in its original dimensions. 

Change the Image Source

1. Click the  gear icon, which is the second out of three, to change the URL of the image. 

2. Copy and paste the URL of an image that is hosted online into the  Source input field. 

3.    Save your changes. 

Using the Image Editor

1. To use the Image Editor, click on the pencil icon, which is the first icon out of three.

2. You'll have access to many different image editing features including resizing, adding frames, and adjusting the color of the image.
3. When you've completed all adjustments using the editor, you can click on the blue Save icon at the top right. If you'd like to cancel all adjustments made on the editor, you can click on the small X icon right above the Save icon.

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