Add and adjust images on your article

Follow the steps below on how to add and adjust images on your article. Topics discussed in this document are:

Add images on your article

To add images to your article, you can click on the Content Block icon, under the + icon. You can select the drop-down menu on top and select Photos or other different content blocks. 

Once you have found the perfect content block, you can drag and drop it into your article until you see a gray box. Once you do, release your cursor and you can see the added content block on your article.

Add GIF images on your article

In order to add a GIF image to your article, click onto the image, then select the Link icon.

Upload the GIF image with the Image icon and wait until the image link is refreshed. Click Ok and see the image displaying on your article.

Adjust images on your article

When you click on an image, you will see three icons:

  • Image icon: Upload a different image from your device
  • Link icon: Contains the image's url, title, link, and Open New Window settings
  • Pencil icon: Resize the image

On the bottom of the selected image, you will see three icons:

  • + icon: Add more content blocks
  • ... icon: More settings - Move Up, Move Down, Duplicate, Settings
  • x icon: Remove the image

From the image above, the Settings button will contain a variety of formatting settings that you can play with.

Adjust a section's background image

When clicking on the section, you will see a green image icon on the bottom of the section. Clicking on it will allow you to change the section's background. 

Resize images

1. After dragging and dropping a Photo block on your article, click on an image in the Photo block.

2. Move your cursor over one of the black dots on the corner of the image till you see a double-sided arrow.

3. Click when you see the double-sided arrow (do not release the click!), then drag the corner of the image to resize it. Release the cursor once you are happy with the size of your image.