Change the map block's location

The Blog Studio map block allows you to display a location via Google Maps. Follow the steps below the change the displayed location.

1. Navigate to and search for the location you'd like to display.

2. Click on the Menu icon located next to the search bar.

3.  Click on   Share or embed map.

4. Navigate to the Embed Map tab, then copy the code snippet provided.

5. Go to the Blog Studio editor.

6. Insert a map block, click on it, then click on the gear icon, which is the second out of four icons.

7. Paste the copied snippet in the field provided.

8. Remove the following pieces of code from the pasted snippet.

  • Delete the text highlighted below (located at the front of the snippet).

  • Delete the text highlighted below (located at the end of the snippet).

9. Click OK, then save your changes

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