Page Studio Video Tutorials

Having trouble getting started using Page Studio? Need some inspiration for your next page creation?

Check out these tutorial videos below!

Drag and drop

Learn the basics of the Page Studio editor's drag and drop functionality to add content on to your page.

Content blocks

A quick run-down of all of the different categories of content that you can add to your page.

Text formatting toolbar

How to format your text - adjusting font, font size, bold/italics/underline, etc.

Adding images to your page

Learn all of the different manners of adding images to your page. 

Image Editor

Showcase of the in-app image editor when you add images to your page.

Adjust colors

Learn how to change the color of text and buttons on your page.

Page settings

How to adjust SEO settings, page templates, and more.

Contact Page Tutorial

NOTE: The following two videos are showcasing an outdated version of the app. However, the process of creating a page and the styling suggestions presented are still great resources!

Included in this video:

  • Layout space adjustments
  • Editing content blocks
  • Utilizing icons

Product Showcase Page Tutorial

Included in this video:

  • Adjusting and utilizing multiple layout spaces
  • Configuring images on the page
  • Using Buy Buttons

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