Add a Buy Button to your page

You can create a page that includes a Buy Button linking to a product from your store that leads customers directly to the checkout page. Follow the steps below on how to add this Buy Button.

1. Starting from the Page Studio editor, click the Content Blocks icon.

2. Navigate into the Buttons menu.

3. Under the Buttons menu, drag and drop the Buy Now Button block into your article.

4. Click on the Buy Now Button Block, then hit the Gear icon. This will open the Buy Button's configuration menu.

5. Click the Find Product button.

6. Select a product from your store.

7. After selecting a product, hit the Add button.

8. Feel free to change the text of the button. Once you're done, click Ok.

On the live view of the page, the button will include all of the different variants within the drop down menu above it. Clicking on Buy Now will lead customers directly to checkout.