Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kit Karts work?

To learn all about what to expect when using Kit Karts, you can  click here!

How do I setup Kit Karts?

In order for Kit Karts to work, you fill first need to setup the Kit app and then Connect it with Kit Karts from the Skills menu within the Kit dashboard. 

Do I need Kit in order to use Kit Karts?  

Yes, in order for Kit Karts to perform, your Shopify account needs to be connected to Kit and you will need an Online Store channel.  Because of this, Kit and Kit Karts is not recommended for the Lite Plan; only Shopify's Basic and higher as they use the Online Store channel.

What is in the Kit Karts recovery email? 

The recovery email will, by default, display your store's logo, a list of the content within the customers' abandoned carts, and a button that they can click on to go straight to the point in Checkout where they left off.  You can preview your email from the Kit Karts dashboard.

How can I edit the recovery email template?

The recovery email template can be adjusted at the bottom of the Kit Karts dashboard. A simple preview is available on the dashboard as well. You can adjust the content and text of the email using HTML code as well as any liquid variables from this help article:  Click me!

The email template currently does not support any CSS adjustments. It will pull all styling as well as your Store's Logo from Kit's settings and the Facebook account connected with Kit, respectively.

How can I tell Kit Karts to send the abandoned cart emails?

Kit will send you a message at around 12 PM PT, but only if it has detected any abandoned carts on your store from the previous day. Currently, there is no way to directly tell Kit or Kit Karts to send out recovery emails if the message from Kit is missed. If 12 PM PT is not during your business hours, you can set the timezone on  your Kit Preferences page and Kit will send the message around 9 AM in your local time.

Does Kit Karts track and send out emails for past abandoned orders prior to install? 

Once downloaded and connected to Kit, Kit Karts will search for abandoned carts from one month prior to the download. At that time Kit will send the recovery email notification prompt to you, asking to send out recovery emails. After that, the app will start to search each day.

How can I tell if recovery emails are being sent out? 

To test Kit Karts out, you can leave an abandoned cart with an email that you can check. You can proceed to checkout to the point where you enter an email. Once you navigate away, the cart is abandoned and the following day you should receive both the Kit notification as well as the recovery email. 

Is it possible to have Kit Karts automatically send emails to customers?

At this time, the app is not able to be set on an automatic schedule. 

Is Kit made by the same developer as Kit Karts? 

No, we at ShopPad only develop the Kit Karts app, which is separate from the Kit app. If you have any specific issues with Kit, I would recommend contacting their support team here:

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