Development Store/Affiliate Store Installation

ShopPad allows all of our apps to be installed for free on any Shopify website on an Affiliate plan. All apps will be fully-functional while your store remains on the Affiliate plan. When you install the app, you will see a warning at the top of the dashboard:

When you change your plan to a paid Shopify plan, the app will immediately stop working.  You will need to revisit your app dashboard and approve the recurring fee:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for a monthly payment plan?

We cannot sign you up for a payment plan until you have added your credit card to your account information and your store is on a paid Shopify plan. Once you are on a paid Shopify plan, visit your ShopPad app's dashboard and you will be prompted to approve the Shopify recurring fee.

How will I know that my app is not working because I need to upgrade to a paid plan?

If your website used to be on an Affiliate plan, you changed plans, and your ShopPad app if no longer working, it is probably because you need to sign up for a monthly payment plan. You can tell for sure by opening the Network tab in your browser's JavaScript debug console and hitting Refresh. You will see a 401: Unauthorized error for the asset from

Can I get an affiliate bonus for referring clients to ShopPad apps?

Coming soon. Contact us if you're interested.