Add third-party code to your page

Follow the instructions below to add third-party embed code to your pages.

1. From the Page Studio editor, select the Advanced selection from the Content Blocks list. 

2. Drag and drop the < code snippet > content block onto your page. 

3. Click on the < code snippet > block on the editor, and then on the gear icon, the second out of the four icons. 

4. You'll see the code editor display. By default, there will be some placeholder code in the box, but feel free to remove it and place whatever code you need. 

As an example, I have a JavaScript snippet to embed an email sign-up form from MailChimp on my pages that I can include. 

5. Once you've pasted your code, click Save.

6. Click on Save Changes at the top right corner. 

7. You can check out how the pasted code translates onto the page from the View button at the top right corner. As you can see in the screenshot below, the form is displaying and working properly: 

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