How to upgrade pages

Upgrading will only take a single click. A duplicate of the original will be made in case the changes aren't what you want:

1. Navigate to Page studio's app dashboard.

2. Select gear menu icon on the page then click Upgrade 

3. Select Duplicate and Upgrade

What's new in this update?

1. Streamline with beautiful templates 

Explore our new library of adjustable templates for pages  like:  Contact Us, About Us, and featured product pages.

2. Embrace your theme

We’ve listened to your feedback, and now Page Studio allows your theme’s styles to shine through! Your created pages will mirror your Shopify theme colors, fonts, buttons and more.

3. In-theme editor

The Page Studio editor will now pull in your theme’s styles, header and footer so you can create pages on the real version of your page.

4. Save your best designs for later

If you use the same content across your pages, why not save it for later use?

Find it under the "My Sections" tab to replicate your finest moments.

5. New blocks to help show off your brand 

Image gallery building blocks will give you compelling visuals every time.

A dedicated MailChimp form embed makes it simple to hear from your customers.

6. Drop on your homepage

Using your theme’s section editor insert your page content (or multiple pages!) on your store's homepage.

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