How to publish a page

Once you've created a page on Page Studio, there are a series of steps to take that ensures your page is published and live on your Shopify store. 

1. Check out a preview draft of your page

Want to see what your page will look like without making it go live? Simply click on the Preview Draft button at the top of the editor before saving your page.

2. Publish your page

If you are done applying all your content, you can now save your page which will automatically publish it to your store. Your customers will not be able to see your page after publishing it your store.

3. Add your page to your store's navigation menu

If you're ready to show off your page to the world, it can then be made available as a link on your store's navigation menu.

First, head over to the Navigation page on your Shopify admin dashboard, and then select the menu you'd like to include your new page on. 

Select Add Menu Item.

Add a name for the page, then click on the Link field, and select Pages. Select your page from the list provided, click Add, and save your changes.

Your page is now live and viewable straight from your store! Time to celebrate. 🥳