Smile: Frequently Asked Questions

Smile is installed, now what?

Before Smile can start working on your store, you will need to install the app onto your current theme, here's more information on how to set this up: Install Smile and Get Started with Smile.

Not comfortable with the code? No problem, we have a fantastic complimentary Expert Install Service and you can set this up in your Smile dashboard. You can read more here: What's Included with the Smile Expert Install Service.

Why is there a delay when loading Smile?

By default, Shopify apps load after the page is generated, you can decrease the time it takes to load by following the direction in the following doc: Decrease Smile's load time.

Can I remove an emoji reaction before displaying them on my product page?

There's no way to erase feedback already placed but you can definitely select which emojis you would like customers to react with on your product and article pages. By clicking on the emojis that are listed under Active Emojis, they will be removed from the list and become inactive. By clicking on any of the emojis that are listed under Inactive Emojis, they will then be added to your Active Emojis list and become available for customers to use.