Add Tracktor link to customer account page

When enabling customer accounts on your store, it's a great idea to add Tracktor links to the customer account page. Follow the steps below to apply these links.

1. Navigate to theme's code files. Under the Templates folder, locate the customers/account.liquid file. 

2. Locate a section of code on the page that looks like this: 

3. Under the line that reads  <th>{{ 'customer.orders.fulfillment_status' | t }}</th>, add this code:

<th> Track Order </th>

4. Under the line that reads  <td>{{ order.fulfillment_status_label }}</td> in the chunk below that, paste the follow code:

<td> <a href="{{shop.url}}/apps/tracktor/track?token={{ | split: "" | reverse | join: "" | replace: '@', '_-_' | url_encode }}&order={{ | url_encode }}" target="_new">Click here to get shipping updates</a></td>

5. Save changes and you're good!

Want to provide an easy way for your customers to request returns on their customer account page and get a Slack message whenever your customers request returns? You can do this through our automation app called Mesa, which helps with automating manual processes on your Shopify store. Click here to learn more about Mesa and the following template below.