Uploadery: Change required pop up error message

For Uploadery, you can edit the required pop up error message by inputting some code into your product template.

1. Locate your theme’s product.liquid file

Don't know where to find your theme's product.liquid file? Click on this document for more information.

2. Copy the needed code below and paste it under everything in the theme's product.liquid file

<!--Uploadery app by ShopPad -->
// Change the error messages
window.Shoppad = window.Shoppad || {},     
window.Shoppad.apps = window.Shoppad.apps || {},     
window.Shoppad.apps.uploadery = window.Shoppad.apps.uploadery || {},     
window.Shoppad.apps.uploadery.strings = window.Shoppad.apps.uploadery.strings || {},   
// The strings
window.Shoppad.apps.uploadery.strings = {
  unacceptedFileType: "Sorry, this file format is not allowed",
  exceedsFileSize: "Sorry, this file size is too large",
  exceedsImageMaxWidth: "Sorry, this image width is too wide",
  exceedsImageMaxHeight: "Sorry, this image height is too tall",
  exceedsImageMinWidth: "Sorry, this image width is too small",
  exceedsImageMinHeight: "Sorry, this image height is too short",
  incorrectAspectRatio: "Sorry, this image is not in the correct aspect ratio, it must be: {{aspect_ratio}}",
  requiredFieldMessage: "Please upload your file(s) before adding to cart."

3. Locate the default text of what you wish to modify and modify it accordingly.