Conditional Logic for Sub-Menus

The conditional logic feature with Infinite Options allows for many different use cases. In this scenario, we'll be showcasing how to create sub-menus for a phone case product.

Watch the video below or follow along with the step-by-step instructions on how to create sub-menus.

For a refresher on how create options with the app, we recommend checking out this guide: Click here!

1. We'll start out by creating an option set assigned to the phone case product itself. The first option created is to select the type of phone, Android or iPhone. We are using the Drop-Down Menu input type.

2. We will now create some option fields for the sub-menus themselves, in this case, for the type of Android and iPhone models to choose from. These will be in the same Option Set, so you just need to click on the Add Another Custom Field button. 

Here's what we set up for the Android Model option field:

Near the bottom of the option, you will need to click on the Show Advanced Options link to see some more settings to adjust, including the Conditional Logic settings.

Here's how we set up the conditional logic to have this Android Model option only display if that is chosen in the first Phone Type option.

3. Once you click on Create a new conditional rule, you can set it up as follows:

The first field, Phone Type, "Phone Type", will show up as an auto-select option when you click on the Label on Cart field. You'll then want to type out the exact value that you want to cause the field to display, in this case, Android

4. You can then create another field and do the same for iPhone

In this situation, the conditional logic rule has iPhone set for the value.

To create a cascading sub-menu option, we can create another sub-menu for Google devices within the Android Phone Type option. 

5. We would just need to add another option and set it up as follows: 

In this situation, the conditional logic rule has Android Model, "Android Model" as the Label on Cart and Google as the value. 

You can add as many separate branching and cascading sub-menus as you'd like using the conditional logic rule. 

6. Save your changes.

Be sure to test out your options to make sure they work just right! 🎉