Conditional Logic for Engraving Cost

Infinite Options supports applying conditional logic between bundled options. One use of this is to show an engraving text box when a price add-on checkbox is selected. To set this up, you will want to set up a conditional option to connect with an add-on option.

Watch the video below or follow along with the step-by-step instructions on how to set this up for your products.

1. Create a checkbox, dropdown, or radio button option that asks if the customer wants to add embroidery/engraving.  

2. Bundle an engraving/embroidery product to the value that represents "yes". In this case, the value is the "Yes please +$5". To bundle this, click on the price tag icon to the right of the value.

3. Make sure you have a product created for this add-on option. In this case, I will be using a product called Embroidery Charge:

4. Click through the add-on process by clicking Add Product. Then, select the product, click on Add, then click Done.  

5. Click on Show Advanced Options and add 1 to the Max Selections. This will prevent customers from selecting both checkbox options. 

6. Next, you will create the text box option where the customer will input the embroidery/engraving text. To do so, click on Add Another Custom Field at the bottom of that option set.

7. Then input the desired Label on Product and Label on Cart.

8. Lastly, you will need to create a conditional rule to show this text box when the customer selects the value "Yes please! +$5". To do so, open up the Show Advanced Options menu, then click Create a new conditional rule.  Make sure to select the Yes setting in the Required Field as well. 

9. Create this conditional rule to show when the Label on Cart contains your affirmative value above.

Save your changes! Now you have created a price add-on with a conditionally connected text box. Nice!