Revert Recovery Email to Shopify Default

Kit Karts now allows you to have a Shopify Default styled recovery email. 

Note: If you decide to revert the recovery email template into Shopify's, this action will remove all customization/custom text that you may have added to the template prior to this action.

1. Navigate to the Recovery Email tab in the Kit Karts app. 

2. Click on Edit HTML

3. Click Revert to Default:

4. Click on Yes, Revert after reading the important message.

5. Click on the  Save Changes button at the top-right corner of the page. 

Changing the custom message or color of the Recovery Email requires you to revert your Recovery Email to the default Shopify version.  

To re-add in lost promo codes, simply type the message into the Message section on the bottom right of the screen.