Fulfilling an order with multiple tracking numbers

When an order needs to be fulfilled by more than one supplier, you can add multiple tracking numbers to the order. Follow the steps below on how to add multiple tracking numbers.

1. Starting from your Shopify admin dashboard, navigate to the Orders tab. 

2. Navigate to an order that needs to be fulfilled and click on the Fulfill items button. To learn more about Shopify's order fulfillment process, click here!

3. In this example, we will only fulfill the Daisy Key Pouch product at this time and not the other products. 

To do this, you will want to click on the quantity selector for the products that you do not need to fulfill (Classic Belt & Baby Moccasins). Adjust the quantity of these products to the number 0

You should now see that the Summary contains 3 fulfillments or packages (1 of 3). 

4. Then, add the appropriate Tracking number along with the Shipping carrier for the specific product.

5. Click on Fulfill items

6. Afterwards, you will see that the Daisy Key Pouch product was the only product that was fulfilled in this order. 

You will want to do the same steps for the other products in the order and then, you are all set! 🎉

Want to see an example on our demo store? Click here to see an order with multiple tracking numbers! 📦