Add Tracktor link to Shopify SMS notifications

Shopify will send SMS notifications to customers if they checkout with a phone number instead of an email or if they entered their phone number into their order status page. You can allow customers to checkout with their phone number by following the instructions listed in this Shopify guide.

Follow the steps below to add a Tracktor link into your Shopify SMS notifications.

1. Copy the snippet below.

Track your order here: {{shop.url}}/apps/tracktor/track?token={{ | split: "" | reverse | join: "" | url_encode }}&order={{ | url_encode }}

If you have customized your Tracktor proxy URL, make sure that you also edit the tracking URL code above (normally the "/apps/tracktor/" portion) to match your live Tracktor URL. 

2. Go to your Shopify admin dashboard, click on Settings, then on Notifications. Open the notification that you'd like to add a tracking link to. In this example, we add the tracking link to the Order confirmation notification, but you can add this to any notification.

3. Click SMS.

4. Paste the snippet where you would like this tracking link to show (we suggest putting this above the unsubscribe information).

5. Save your changes.

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