Redirect customers away from Tracktor page after uninstalling

When you uninstall Tracktor from your store, your Tracktor tracking page will no longer display for customers. If a customer navigates to this Tracktor tracking page, they would see a 404 error. To prevent this, we suggest you set up a URL Redirect. Follow these instructions below to set this up.

1. In your Shopify admin, click on Navigation under the Online Store section.

2. Click View URL Redirects.

3. Click on Create URL redirect.

4. Copy and paste  apps/tracktor/track into the Redirect from field.

5. Add the desired URL that you want to redirect customers to (e.g. Contact Us page) into the Redirect to field.

6. Save your changes. 

This redirect will only work if your Tracktor page is no longer a valid page. You cannot redirect from a live tracking page with Tracktor installed.