Tracktor API

The Tracktor API is available on Enterprise plans. You can subscribe to webhooks from the Integrations tab within the Tracktor dashboard. You can also use the API key found on the Integrations tab to make API calls to retrieve tracking information for entire orders or individual fulfillments, update manual order statuses, and manage your webhooks.

If you are looking to add additional functionality to Tracktor without code, we recommend the Mesa Tracktor connector which is available to all Tracktor merchants, regardless of plan.

Use these parameters in the methods below:

  • {{uuid}} Your store's myshopify subdomain: {{uuid}}
  • {{api_key}} Your API key from the Integrations tab of the Tracktor dashboard
  • {{order_id}} The Shopify order ID
  • {{fulfillment_id}} The Shopify fulfillment ID

Want to integrate Tracktor with other third party services with ease? You can do this through our automation app called Mesa, which helps with automating manual processes on your Shopify store. Click here to learn more about Mesa.