Control where Bouncer is shown

By default, Bouncer displays the age verification pop-up on every page until the visitor has verified their age.

You can suppress the pop-up by adding the following code snippet to any of your theme's files.

<meta property="bouncer:prevent_popup" content="true" />

If you'd like invert the default behavior, so the pop-up only displays on select pages, start by pasting the above code snippet in your theme.liquid file.

This will cause the bouncer pop-up to be hidden on all pages. You can then override the above code snippet by adding the snippet below to any pages you wish to display the pop-up on.

For example, adding the above snippet to the theme.liquid file, and then adding the snippet below to the cart.liquid file, will cause the pop-up to only display on the cart page. 

<meta property="bouncer:prevent_popup" content="false" />

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