Control where Bouncer is shown

By default, Bouncer displays the age verification pop-up on every page until the visitor has verified their age.

You can suppress the pop-up by adding the following code snippet to any of your theme's files.

<meta property="bouncer:prevent_popup" content="true" />

If you'd like invert the default behavior, so the pop-up only displays on select pages, start by pasting the above code snippet in your theme.liquid file.

This will cause the bouncer pop-up to be hidden on all pages. You can then override the above code snippet by adding the snippet below to any pages you wish to display the pop-up on.

For example, adding the above snippet to the theme.liquid file, and then adding the snippet below to the cart.liquid file, will cause the pop-up to only display on the cart page. 

<meta property="bouncer:prevent_popup" content="false" />

Make pop-up display on specific product/collection pages

1. Add the following snippet to your theme.liquid file. 

<meta property="bouncer:prevent_popup" content="true" />

2. Click on the Add a new template link on the left. 

3. From the drop-down menu, select product or collection. Input "bouncer" in the box to the right, as seen below. Click on Create template

4. Within this new template, paste the following snippet at the top of the file and then save your changes.

<meta property="bouncer:prevent_popup" content="false" />

5. Navigate the Products page on your Shopify admin panel. From here, either select the All products or Collections sub-menu. 

6. Select the product or collection you'd like to make the pop-up display on. 

7. Locate the Theme Templates section on the page, and select product.bouncer / collection.bouncer

Once you have saved changes made on the page, the Bouncer pop-up will then only show up on that page. Nice work 🎉

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