Wrap text around an image

Page Studio now offers a great way to wrap text around an image. Follow the steps below on how to apply this for your pages.

1. In the Page Studio editor, on the left sidebar, click the Content Blocks icon.

2. In the Content Blocks menu, under Basic, find this Photo block.

3. Click on the Photo block, and then drag and drop it onto your page.

4. Resize the image: Click on the image, then click the black dot at the bottom right of the image (do not release the click!), and drag in to make the image smaller.

5. On the image, click the More icon.

6. Select Settings.

7. Under the ••• menu, choose Position.

8. Set Float to Left.

If you would like the image to be on the right, set Float to Right.

9. Click Spacing, and set Right to 20px.

In the previous step, if you have set Float to Right. For this step, instead set Left to 20px.

10. Hit the x button to close the formatting settings.

11. On the image, click the + icon.

12. Add a Paragraph.

13. Click the newly added paragraph, then add another Paragraph.

You will now see that the text wraps around the image. Isn't that neat? 😎