Create upload fields for products

Follow the steps below to add upload fields to products.

1. Starting from the Uploadery dashboard, click on the New Upload Set button. 

Note: Uploadery will sync your entire product catalogue while on the dashboard, to which it will display Catalogue Sync Complete when the process is completed.

2. A new Upload Set will be created, as shown below:

The light-blue section will be where you can specify which product pages will display the upload fields within the set. You can learn more about this process by checking out this help article:  Click here!

3. You can adjust both the title of your Upload Set (useful for organizing your upload fields)...

...and also adjust the Field Name for the first upload field, which will be the text that appears alongside the download link for the uploaded files within the Order Details page.

4. Click on the gear icon to display the settings for the upload field. 

  • You can specify exactly which file extension you require within the Limit File Extensions section. By leaving it blank, all file extensions will be allowed. 
    • By selecting Image, all image file extensions will be set. This will work in the same manner for selecting VideoAudio, or Document from the list.
    • If there is a file extension that you would like to request that is not on the list, you can type it out in the space provided, and press the [ Enter ] key.
  • The Label will be the text that appears above the upload field on your product page.
  • Maximum File Size will specify said file requirements for the upload field. By clicking on the Get More link, you can access different price plans for Uploadery to enable a higher upload limit:
  • The Class Name will deal with any CSS code styling that you wish to add for your upload field, which can be left blank.
  • The Field Required toggle will make it required for the customer to upload a field within this upload field before they are able to proceed to add the product to the Cart page.
  • The In-Browser Image Editor toggle will allow customers to crop and rotate any images that they upload. You'll also be able to specify what file format the newly edited image will be output in:
  • The Image Requirements toggle will allow you to specify any Aspect Ratios or Max / Min Height and Width settings needed for a particular upload field. 

5. You can add another upload field within the upload set by clicking on the Add Another Upload Field button.

5. Save your changes.

If you have any questions about the app's different features, don't hesitate to reach out!

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