Create options for products

Options are set up and managed through the app's dashboard.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below, or watch the video to learn how to create options for your products.


1. Starting from your Infinite Options dashboard, click on the New Option Set button. 

2. Click on the Add a Custom Option button

3. Add a Field Label that describes your option, then select the Input Type you'd like to use.4. Click on the Show Settings tab to reveal hidden controls. Specifically, you will want to change the Field Name value to something that describes the option, as it will appear on the cart page, checkout page, and order page.5. Click on the Assign Option to Products button.6. Specify the products you'd like the options to display on by defining a logic rule. Click here to learn more about assigning your options to your products.

7. Save your changes.  

Note: Options may take a few minutes to display on your storefront once you've saved your changes. If your options are still not displaying on products after a few minutes, you may need to follow the installation process  explained in this article.

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