Assign options to products

Before your options display on your store, you'll need to assign them to products.

Here, we'll explain a few different ways to assign options to products, so you can decide what suites your needs best. Follow the steps or check out the video below to get started.

1. Once you have created an  Option Set, you'll see a section in light-blue where you can specify which of your product pages that you would like the option to appear for. 

2.  The drop down menu within the light-blue box will give you the option to choose from different identifiers, such as  TagVendorTypeURL, and Handle.

  • The Tag identifier is useful when you'd like to assign your options to products that have a certain tag set in Shopify.
  • The Vendor identifier is useful when you'd like to assign your options to all products within a certain vendor.
  • The Type identifier is useful if there is a specific type of product you'd like to assign your options to.
  • The URL identifier is useful when there is only one product you'd like to assign your options to.
  • The Handle identifier is useful when you'd like a shortened version of the URL. For example, my product's URL is, which means the handle is shirt.

3. Once you've selected an identifier, enter the text that matches the products you are looking for. You will see how many product pages that will display these options right below that:

4. You can create additional rules to specify exactly which product pages you would like to assign the option fields for by clicking on  And and Or on the right. In the example below, we are assigning option fields only to Sweaters or Running Shoe Type products that have a Tag of Nike. 

Check out the video below to learn more: 


5. Save your changes.

Note: Options may take a few minutes to display on your storefront once you've saved your changes.

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