Add Tracktor Link to Omnisend emails

You can add tracking links to Omnisend emails with a bit of customization. Follow the instructions below on how to make these changes for your order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails.

Order Confirmation email

Navigate to the  Automations tab -> New Workflow.

Then select Shipping Confirmation workflow among other templates. If you have a Shipping Confirmation workflow already, just click to make edits. 

Open the email content editor:

Then add or customize the existing button block to have a 'Track your Order' display on the button. Also, set this button link to 

https://{{store-url}}{{ order_number | urlencode }}&email={{ email | urlencode }}

Now the link is updated, you can enable the workflow. 

This 'Track your order' button in your Shipping Confirmation email will redirect your customers to the Tracktor page and auto-populates their order number and email address to display their updated tracking.

Note: Because "email" is a part of the URL your Google Analytics will flag these emails so you will need to add a Google Analytics Filter to avoid any issues.