Help Customers Track Orders

Add a tracking link to Shopify Email Templates

Adding a tracking link to your Shopify email templates is a great way to make the Tracktor page more accessible for customers to track the shipping status of their orders, as well as reduce support requests. 

Currently, this feature is supported on the following email templates:

  • Order Confirmation
  • Shipping Confirmation
  • Shipping Update
  • Shipment Out for Delivery
  • Shipment Delivered

Here's an example of what your customers' emails will look like after you complete the steps below:

1. Copy the tracking URL code below.

{{shop.url}}/apps/tracktor/track?token={{ email | split: "" | reverse | join: "" | replace: '@', '_-_' | url_encode }}&order={{ | url_encode }}

If you have customized your Tracktor proxy URL make sure that you also edit the tracking URL code above (normally the "/apps/tracktor/" portion) to match your live Tracktor URL. 

2. Go to your Shopify admin dashboard, click on  Settings, then on Notifications. Open the email template from the list above that you'd like to add a tracking link to.

3. Do a search (ctrl F or ⌘ F) for the phrase View your order . Replace that text with Track your Order.

If you're on the Shipment Out for Delivery email template, you will want to do so a search for the term Track my shipment  instead of View your order

4. Highlight the section of code right above that, as seen in the screenshot below:

5. Paste the code there.

6. Copy the code below:

{{ order_status_url }}

7. Do a search (ctrl F or ⌘ F) for the phrase Visit our store. There will be two spots that have this phrase. Replace both of those spots of text with View your order.

8. In both of those spots, there will be a bit of code next to them that says {{ shop.url }}. You will replace that code by pasting our previously copied code, as seen below:

9. Save your changes.

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