Help! Cart Problems

Options missing on cart page?

Have you already installed the Infinite Options code snippet on your theme? In order for Options to display on your cart page and transfer over to the backend, the installation code must be directly added onto your current live theme. 

If you have already added the installation code and they are still missing from your cart page, you may need to follow this guide to display option selections on your cart page.

Please feel free to reach out to our team if you need any assistance with any of these steps. 

Seeing _io_order_group and _io_parent_order_group on your cart page?

When using Infinite Options' Product Bundles feature, there may be some strange text (e.g. _io_order_group, _io_parent_order_group) that appears at the cart screen:

If you're comfortable with Shopify theme code, you can remove this by following this guide: Click here!

We are happy to help if you run into any issues. 

You can shoot our team a message or chat in and we can help remove the additional code from your cart page. 

Duplicate option sets appearing on your cart page?

If option selections are appearing twice in the cart, you may need to remove some code that was added to your  cart.liquid or  cart-template.liquid file. 

This issue occurs when your theme already displays option selections on the cart page, and you've added additional code to display them again. 

Below is an example highlighting the additional code that was added causing duplication issues. This theme already supports displaying option selections due to it applying a similar snippet below the additional one.

To resolve this issue, retrace your steps from this article, and delete any code that was added.