Create Product Bundles

Infinite Options supports product bundles, which can be created using the radio button, checkbox, drop-down menu, and swatches input types. This is done by tying an add-on product that you have created on your store to an option selection you have added to one of the option input types previously mentioned. 

Follow the steps below to learn how to set that up, or watch the video here (video showcases an older version of the dashboard but every step remains the same):

Not sure how this could help with your store? Click here for some examples that showcase how this feature can benefit your store!

1. From your Shopify admin dashboard in the Products page, create a new product as the add-on product.

Make sure to include an image for display purposes along with adding the appropriate price for the product. The add-on product must be available on the Online Store Sales Channel in order for the product bundles feature to work properly.

If you have already created an add-on product, you can skip this step.

2. Navigate into the Apps page, and go into the Infinite Options dashboard.

3. Create an Option Set and assign to your main product that needs the bundled option. 

For a refresher on how to create and assign options with the app, we recommend clicking here to learn more about creating options and clicking here to learn more about assigning options!

4. Add a descriptive Label suggesting customers can add a complimentary product in addition to the main product.

5. Change the Field Name value from infinite_options_1 to something more descriptive. Be sure to keep the Field Name values unique, as they will overwrite each other if they match.

6. Create an option within an Option Set using the input type Radio ButtonsCheckboxesDrop-Down Menu, or Swatches.

7. Enter in a value that you would like to tie a product to.

Having a value that states what the product is as well as how much it costs is highly recommended.  

8. Click on the price tag icon next to the option value. 
 9. Locate the add-on product that you created in Step 1 and then click Add.
10. You can select a specific variant (if applicable). Click Done when ready to proceed. 11. Click the Save Changes button at the top right.

Here is how an example product page will look:

Selecting the Coffee Beans option will add that product to the cart, charging the additional cost as well. 

The additional cost will only appear on the cart and checkout pages and not the product pages.

Now you know how to create product bundle options using Infinite Options! 🎉

Seeing strange text under your product listings on the cart page under your product and add-on products (e.g. io_)? Click here to learn how to hide them.

Using our Product Bundling feature along with our Swatches feature? 

Setting up this option set would be how you would with the swatches feature. You can follow the instructions above along with the instructions in this document, click here!

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