Carrier Mapping: Add Support for all Tracktor Carriers


Shopify only supports around 55 carriers. Tracktor supports more than 1000! Carrier mapping is a feature that allows you to support carriers that are not supported by Shopify. Carrier Mapping does so by overriding Shopify supported carriers with carriers that Tracktor supports. We call this Carrier Mapping.

You must set up Carrier Mapping if you are using a carrier that is not supported by Shopify.  

If you are using a carrier that Shopify does NOT support, like Mexico Post, you will need to use Carrier Mapping to display tracking results. In the example below Mexico Post will be connected to Bluedart using carrier mapping. By connecting Mexico Post to Bluedart, you will display Mexico Post tracking information on packages fulfilled with the Bluedart carrier.  

Getting Started...

1. Starting from the Tracktor dashboard, click on the Tracking Page menu from the left sidebar for the Tracktor app in the admin view and scroll down until you see the Carrier Mapping section.

2. Set the Shopify Carrier Name to the carrier you wish to override. For this example the Shopify carrier will be Bluedart.

3. Set the Actual Carrier Name to the carrier you are using to ship orders. For this example the actual carrier will be Mexico Post.  

4. Make sure that your orders that are shipped with Mexico Post are configured with the Bluedart carrier on your Shopify Admin Orders page.

5. Save your changes.

6. Test this out by clicking on More Actions and then Tractor: Track Order. You can also track on the Reports tab in the Tracktor Dashboard. This should now show tracking for the Mexico Post package.

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Using Dropshipping?

Tracktor supports carrier mapping for dropshipping fulfillment apps such as Dropify, Dsers and Oberlo. 

For a default list of carriers, set the  Shopify Carrier Name to Other and the Actual Carrier to the following:

  • China EMS (ePacket)
  • Aliexpress Standard Shipping
  • 4PX
  • Yanwen
  • USPS 

However, you can customize the Actual Carriers to be different carriers than the ones listed above.

Too many Actual Carriers mapped to the same Shopify Carrier can cause performance problems.

Check out this document for more information about Dropshipping Support

Fulfillment Service Fulfilling Orders with Unrecognized Carriers

Sometimes a fulfillment service will fulfill orders with carrier names that are not supported by Shopify or Tracktor. Most of the time, this means that your fulfillment service is inputting the carrier name incorrectly.  

For example, the fulfillment service may be inputting the carrier as USPS Ground Shipment

USPS Ground Shipment is not a valid carrier name, but the actual carrier is USPS, and USPS is a valid carrier. To show tracking for this package you should manually change USPS Ground Shipment to USPS, but this would take a lot time. To save time you should utilize carrier mapping.  

To set up this carrier mapping you must map the incorrect carrier name to the actual carrier.  In this case you would map  USPS Ground Shipment to USPS.  To do so, add USPS Ground Shipment as the Shopify carrier name and USPS as the actual carrier name and .  You will have to type in USPS Ground Shipment into the Shopify Carrier Name field and then click on the result that starts with "Create option"

Now packages fulfilled with USPS Ground Shipment will show tracking information as if they are USPS packages.