Carrier mapping

Check out this video or read through the instructions below to learn all about Carrier Mapping and how to use it with Tracktor:



Carrier mapping is used to override native Shopify carriers with carriers that we support ( supported carriers can be found here).

If you are using a carrier that is not included in Shopify's native carriers, but is listed in  this article here, it can be mapped to add support for it.

It's important to note that you will not be able to see any visual changes once you've mapped your carrier.

For example, if you use Israel Post to ship your products, it can be mapped to the New Zealand Post carrier. 

New Zealand Post will still display as such when fulfilling orders, but Tracktor will be able to identify it, allowing customers to track their orders through the app.

Getting Started

1. Starting from the Tracktor dashboard, click on the Actions button located in the top right corner.

2. Select Carrier Mapping.

3. Set the Shopify Carrier Name to the carrier you'd like to override.

4. Set the Actual Carrier Name to the carrier you are using to ship products.

5. Save your changes.

Using Dropshipping?

Tracktor now supports carrier mapping for dropshipping fulfillment apps such as Dropify or Oberlo. 

You would first set the Shopify Carrier Name  to Other and then set the Actual Carrier Name to Drop Shipping (Dropify, Oberlo)

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