Dropshipping support for Tracktor- Hide China from tracking details

If you are using dropshipping for orders made on your store, this guide will walk you through all of the features Tracktor has available to support this. Topics that this guide will go over include:

Configuring orders for dropshipping

Tracktor supports carrier mapping for dropshipping fulfillment apps such as Dropify, Dsers and Oberlo. 

To ensure your orders are providing all the shipping details for your customers, you can take advantage of Tracktor's Carrier Mapping feature. You can learn all about it by clicking here. It is accessible from the Tracking Page menu in the Tracktor app's left sidebar in the admin Dashboard. 

For a default list of carriers, set the  Shopify Carrier Name to Other and the Actual Carrier to the following:

  • China EMS (ePacket)
  • Aliexpress Standard Shipping
  • 4PX
  • Yanwen
  • USPS 

However, you can customize the Actual Carriers to be different carriers than the ones listed above.

Too many Actual Carriers mapped to the same Shopify Carrier can cause performance problems.

Otherwise, you can manually adjust the carrier mapping to fulfill your needs for however your fulfillment process works. Please contact our support team if you have any issues configuring your orders on your store. 

Hide carrier information for your orders

To hide information regarding which shipping carriers are being used with your order, you can turn off this setting in the Tracking Page menu in the Tracktor app's left sidebar in the admin Dashboard. This is found in the Configuration Options section.

You can also display a map of the destination address instead of the order's current location. For example, customers will not see a map displaying a location in China but instead, their home address.

Hide shipping details for your orders

Often times, the shipping details for your customers' orders will reveal information such as the origin country of the package. To hide this information, you can use the Location Substitution feature from the Tracking Page menu.

For example, entering China into the Locations section will have any shipping details mentioning a location in China to be replaced with the message entered into the Replacement Message section.

Below is an example of how an order would display while utilizing the two features above.

Before shows the order information that would come through without any adjustments made to the carrier or shipping details. After displays how the order would come through if you chose to hide the carrier and shipping details using the methods above.