Get started with Bouncer

Welcome to the Bouncer app!

Bouncer will add an age-verification gateway popup box to your Shopify store - perfect for stores with age-restricted merchandise to maintain legal compliance and deter under-age visitors

Your Bouncer age-verification popup box will start working right away when you visit your Shopify store:

Bouncer Dashboard

From the Bouncer app dashboard, you'll be able to configure some Verification Settings.

  • The Minimum Age setting will specify which age that a customer must confirm that they are to enter your store
  • The Remember Visitor setting will specify how many days that your store will remember a return customer before they see your Bouncer popup box again
  • The Exit URL will be the site that a visitor will be sent to if they click on Exit or do not meet the criteria set by your popup box
  • You can also choose whether you want to add a Birthday Input Verification
  • Or whether you want to add a Verification via Facebook accounts
    • You can also choose to download a .CSV file with all of the Facebook login records.

Below that, you'll be able to customize the settings of your Bouncer popup:

  • The image Logo will appear at the top of your popup
  • Headline Text will be the text that appears below your Logo
  • The Sub-heading Text will appear right below your Headline Text
  • You'll also be able to set the Popup Window Color

Below these settings, you'll be able to customize the background of the page when your popup appears:

For any additional features and assistance, you can check out our Bouncer help documents or contact our Customer Success team from the top of your Bouncer app dashboard:

After some quick customizations and adjustments from your Bouncer app dashboard, your Bouncer age verification popup will be ready to go! *High Five*