Bouncer: Frequently Asked Questions

Bouncer is installed, now what?

The Bouncer app will start functioning upon downloading the app. You can control the appearance and functionality of Bouncer through the dashboard. Any changes to the app’s functionality can be tested by opening your site in an incognito or private window: Get Started With Bouncer.

We also have a complimentary Expert Install Service and you can sign up in your Bouncer dashboard, here’s more information: What's Included with the Bouncer Expert Install Service.

Why is there a delay when loading the Bouncer page?

Unfortunately, by default, all Shopify apps load after the page is generated. You can decrease the time it takes to load Bouncer by following these directions: Decrease Bouncers Loading Time.

Can I control where Bouncer is shown?

By default, Bouncer displays the age verification pop-up on every page until the visitor has verified their age. However, you can suppress the pop-up and make it display on specific product or collection pages. Here’s how to set that up: Control Where Bouncer is Shown.

How do I edit Bouncer’s text?

You can change the text along with any Facebook verification text as well, here’s how to get started: Edit Bouncers Text.

Can I add a background image behind the popup?

From the Bouncer dashboard page, scroll down to Popup Background style and choose the Custom Image option: Add a Background Image.

Is it possible to have customers verify through Facebook only?

There’s, unfortunately, no way to only verify through Facebook at the moment, continue to check in for any updates.