Tracktor Price Plans

Tracktor now has three different price plans, each with a different limit on how many order lookups are made by your customers on the Tracktor page for your store. 

To access the Upgrade page, you can click on the Actions button on the Tracktor dashboard:

  • Free (when adding the app to your Shopify account, simply leave the payment page): First 100 lookups from your customers are free. Great for merchants looking to test out the app on their store. These 100 lookups do not reset every month.
  • Professional: 2,000 order tracking lookups per month.
  • Business: 5,000 order tracking lookups per month. Also includes the feature to email your customers with order status notifications as well as select a custom map style.
  • Enterprise: For high-volume stores with more than 5,000 order tracking lookups per month. Contact our team for more info on pricing.

The  Upgrade page includes a Plan Estimator which helps you decide on which tier best suits the number of orders your store receives per month. 

To get a better sense of the number of order lookups on your store, you can check out the Usage page. This is accessible from the Actions button as well.

If you ever reach your limit for order lookups, you can set an email address to have a notification sent to. You can also create a message that will appear on the Tracktor dashboard and for your customers when they try and look up an order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an order lookup?
A single lookup of a single tracking number.  If you have three fulfillments, each with their own tracking number, that counts as three tracking lookups.  If the customers comes back the next day to check again, that is three more lookups for a total of six lookups.

What happens when I run out of lookups?
If you run out of lookups, your customers will receive an error when they try to look up their package tracking status on the tracking URL. 

Do my unused tracking lookups rollover to the next month?
Currently tracking lookups do not rollover. If you have a specific use case that makes our current pricing prohibitive for you, please contact us.

Can I adjust the email template  used for the email notifications feature, granted by the Business plan?
There is no current way to adjust the emails sent to customers through this feature.

How do my customers take advantage of the email notifications feature?
Once you have switched to the Business plan and have enabled the email notification feature from the Tracktor dashboard, customers can sign up for notifications from the tracking page on your store after they input their order number and email.

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