Tracktor: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Tracktor cost? 

Tracktor currently has four different price plans, with each plan priced differently. You can find more information about the different plans here: Tracktor Price Plans.

Tracktor is installed, now what? 

Before Tracktor can start working on your store, you will need to add Tracktor to your store's navigation menu and customer email notifications, here's more information on how to set this up:

  1. Add Tracktor to your store's navigation
  2. Help Customers Track Orders
Too many steps? No worries! We can take care of it for you. Request our free complimentary installation service in the Tracktor dashboard and one of our experts will help install the app.

You can request the service on the Tracktor dashboard. Click here to see what's included: Expert Install Service.

How do I fulfill orders for Tracktor? 

In order for Tracktor to display tracking information, orders need to be fulfilled with a carrier and a tracking number. Follow the steps here: Fulfill Orders for Tracktor.

How do I fulfill orders with multiple tracking numbers? 

Follow the steps in this article: Fulfilling an order with multiple tracking numbers.

What statuses does Tracktor track for orders? 

Tracktor tracks specific fulfillment events, also referred as order statuses. These order statuses include: Ordered, Order Ready, In Transit, Out for Delivery, and Delivered.

Here is more information about these order statuses: Tracktor Fulfillment Events

What do these shipping alerts mean (Shipping Exception, Failed Attempt, Pending Details, Tracking Expired, and Needs Attention)? 

Tracktor provides an easy and manageable way to troubleshoot orders using shipping alerts. To understand how to resolve these alerts, follow this article: Order Alerts: Troubleshooting Statuses.

How do I know what carriers Tracktor supports?

Tracktor currently supports over 1200 carriers worldwide. You can find them listed here: Supported Carrier List.

I'm using Oberlo, ePacket, China EMS, and AliExpress. Will Tracktor work? 

Tracktor has a feature called Carrier Mapping which is for dropshipping fulfillment apps such as Dropify, Oberlo, ePacket and AliExpress. Here’s more information on how to set up the carrier mapping feature: Carrier Mapping.

I'm dropshipping, how do I prevent my customers from seeing the package location in China or similar countries? 

Often times, the shipping details for your customers' orders will reveal information such as the origin country of the package. To hide the location, you can use our Blacklist Routing feature

When the package is in a blacklisted country or custom location, we will replace the tracking information with your replacement message. This is perfect for drop shippers. Click here for more information on how to do this.

Why are my past orders not showing in the Tracktor dashboard?

When you first install Tracktor on your store, Tracktor will backfill your most recent 100 orders and will display those orders on Tracktor's dashboard. However, all past and current orders can still be tracked by your customers from your store's tracking page.

If you do not see some of your recent orders on the dashboard, please contact our Customer Success Team and we'd be happy to help.

Note: Tracktor does not currently have a way to backfill more than 100 of your past orders at this time.

Can my customers look up their order with a phone number?

Customers can look up orders by phone number as well as email address if your Shopify store is configured to allow checkout with email or phone number.

To make this experience clear to your users, you will need to make a couple of changes to the Translatable Strings in your Tracktor Dashboard. Here are the steps: Look up orders by phone number.

How do I center or style my Tracking page?

You can follow this article on how to center and style your tracking page: Click here!

How can I update the order status when the carrier has not and my customers are upset? 

In the event that your Shopify store uses a local delivery service or if there are custom steps that you'd like to add to an orders' status, Tracktor has got you covered. 

You can create Custom Order Statuses from the Tracking Page Editor tab on the app dashboard, and you can manually update order statuses from the Reports tab. You can also bulk update order statuses so you do not have to manually update each order individually.

Here is more information on how to set this up: Custom Order Status.

Can I display an Estimated Date Delivery on my orders' tracking page? 

Generally, the Estimated Delivery Date is a setting only the shipping carrier provides (not all times though, depends on the carrier), so there's no way to get this information added.

What is the Tracking URL feature? How does it work?

Enabling this feature keeps your customers on your site by automatically updating the tracking URLs in Shopify to your tracking page instead of the carrier website.

Please note that this feature will send customers a shipping notification immediately after their shipment is fulfilled with a tracking number and second email with a shipping update.

You can find more information about this feature here: Automatically update tracking link to Tracktor URL throughout your store.

After turning on the Tracking URL feature, Tracktor is sending a duplicate shipping email. What can I do to reduce confusion with customers?

Here is an article that will explore solutions you can take to reduce confusion with your customers: Solutions to Tracking URL feature sending 2 emails upon fulfillment.

Will I be charged by the number of times that an order is tracked?

No, our plans are based on the number of orders. Your customers have unlimited lookups.

What orders will I be charged for?

All orders except for the following are considered a billable order: 
  • Shopify POS orders 
  • Test orders placed using the bogus gateway 
  • Digital orders that don't require shipping

Can I change my plan in the middle of a billing period?

Yes, you can click to change your Tracktor plan at any time. Any subscription charges will be pro-rated. You can learn more about that here.

I have uninstalled Tracktor. Why are tracking links leading to a 404 page?

We are sorry to see you go but before uninstalling our Tracktor app, there are a couple of steps that you must do in order to have a smooth transition without Tracktor.

Follow the steps in this article: Steps for Uninstalling Tracktor.

How long is order data stored in Tracktor?

By default, Tracktor deletes all orders 90 days after they are created. This is to limit the data we are actively tracking and to ensure that we are not storing customer data longer than absolutely necessary. If you select the Enterprise plan, we can increase your order lifetime to as many as 360 days.