Add Tracktor link to Klaviyo emails

Shipping Confirmation email

You can add tracking links to Klaviyo emails with a bit of customization. Follow the instructions below on how to make these changes for your order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails.

Order Confirmation email

1. Navigate to Content and then select Templates.

2. Under Content you'll find a Button block (if there isn't already one in there). In the case that there is already an existing button, simply select the button until you are taken to the button settings.

3. Copy the following URL.

https://{{store-url}}{{ order_number | urlencode }}&email={{ email | urlencode }}

4. Paste that URL into the URL text box of that button and change the text to Track (if you haven't already).

5. Change the {{store-url}} part of that URL to your store's URL.

6. Save your changes.

Note: Because "email" is a part of the URL your Google Analytics will flag these emails so you will need to add a Google Analytics Filter to avoid any issues.