Infinite Options: Mix & Match Variety Pack or Gift Pack Example

Infinite Options allows for many different use cases. In this scenario, we'll be showcasing how to allow customers to mix and match four different candles as a variety pack. Click here for a live demo.

For a refresher on how to create and assign options with the app, we recommend checking out these helpful guides: Click here to learn more about creating options and click here to learn more about assigning options!

1. We'll start out by creating an option set assigned to the mix and match product itself. Make sure to label your option set so you know which existing option set is which.

2. The first option created is to select the first scent of candle you'd like in your mix and match variety pack. We are using the drop-down menu input type. In the values section, this will include the different types/styles of the same product that you offer. For this specific example, we listed out the different scents available. 

3. You can choose to set the option as a required field, meaning that customers won't be able to proceed to the cart page without selecting your options. If you do choose to set the option as a required field, you will then need a Placeholder Text. Setting the option as a required field and not setting a placeholder text will not prompt customers to customize their own selections. 

4. Once your first option is created, you can duplicate the first option by clicking the Copy icon. The Copy icon is located on the right hand side in between the up-and-down arrow icon and the trash icon. 

5. Since we are allowing customers to select up to four different candles, we will need to duplicate our first option three times. You will then see four duplicates of your first option.

6. Now, go to the first option located near the top of the option set and edit the Label on Cart. You will notice that your Label on Cart has _copy included. Delete the _copy and change your Label on Cart to match your Label on Product

7. Next, go to your second option (below the first option). Make sure to edit the Label on Product and Label on Cart. As a refresher, the Label on Cart must be unique and cannot be the same Label on Cart as an existing Label on Cart within the same option set. 

8. After you edit the Label on Product and Label on Cart of each options, you should have an option set that looks like this.

9. Save your changes and view your product. You are all set! 🎉