Install Uploadery Code on Simple Theme

Before Uploadery starts working on your store, you will need to install the app onto your current theme.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below on how to install Uploadery for your Simple theme.

1. Starting from your Shopify dashboard, click on Online Store, and then click on Themes.

2. Click the Actions button, then select Edit code.

3. Use the search bar located in the top left of the code editor to search for your product-template.liquid file.

4. In this file, do a search using the keyboard shortcuts (ctrl F or ⌘ F) for the following text.

{% form 'product'

5. Within the {% form and {% endform %} tags, locate the quantity section that starts with:

{% if section.settings.product_quantity_enable %}

6. Copy the following code snippet.

<div id="uploadery-container"></div>

7. Paste the code snippet on a new line right above the quantity section that you found in step 5.

8. Save changes.

9. You can now start creating upload fields for your products. Follow the instructions in this article to get started.

What's next?

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Need to adjust the upload link on the cart page?

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Want to customize the look of your upload fields?

Here are some great resources to get you started: