Show or hide Uploadery fields based on Infinite Option selections

You can use Uploadery along with Infinite Options to show or hide upload fields based on an Infinite Option's option selection. Follow the instructions below to set this up.

Note: Before proceeding, please have Infinite Options and Uploadery currently installed on your store.

1. On the Uploadery app dashboard, in the Option Sets tab, create an upload set that you want to conditionally show or hide based on an option from Infinite Options. If you would like to use an existing upload set, that will work as well.

Make sure to assign the Option Set to Infinite Options by selecting Show for Infinite Options or else Infinite Options won't be able to locate your Option Set from Uploadery.

2. Add a descriptive Label suggesting customers can upload their own file.

3. Change the Field Name value from uploadery_1 to something more descriptive. Be sure to keep the Field Name values unique, as they will overwrite each other if they match. Then, click on Save Changes.

4. Click on Apps in the left sidebar of your Shopify admin.

5. Navigate into the Infinite Options app dashboard and create an Option Set (if you haven't done so already). Repeat steps 2 and 3. Make sure to assign the Option Set to any products that apply. 

Note: Please make sure to only create one Option Set on Infinite Options for the specified products with Uploadery involved. Creating multiple option sets while integrating with Uploadery will not work. 

6. When you are ready to add the upload field from Uploadery into the Option Set, click on the Import from Uploadery button.

7. Select your desired upload field that you want to import into this Option Set. 

You will not be able to edit the Upload Field on Infinite Options but if you need to make any adjustments, you can head back to the Uploadery dashboard.

8. Click to Create a new conditional rule in the newly imported upload field.

9. Create your desired conditional rule. This may look something like this:

10. Save your changes. 

Now the upload field will show or hide based on the option selection! 🎉

Note: Previewing the option set from the Infinite Options dashboard will not show this conditional logic properly. To avoid this, simply view the product as if you were a customer, without using the Preview feature.