Add videos to your page

Follow the steps below on how to add videos to your page. Topics discussed in this document are:

Add a YouTube video

1. To add a YouTube video to your page, you can click on the Content Block icon, under the  + icon. You can select the drop-down menu on top and select Basic.

2. Then, locate this content block with the Red play button. You can drag and drop it into your page until you see a gray box. Once you do, release your cursor and you can see the added content block on your page.

Please note that this is a content block and will require being placed in an existing or new section. You can read more about dragging and dropping blocks here: Tips for Drag and Dropping

3. Click on the newly dragged content block and click on the gray gear Settings icon on the top right hand corner of the block. Paste in the YouTube embedded link. 


Add a video from a different third party service

If you are adding a video from a different third party service, you can check out this document for more information.

Upload your own video in a video section

If you are using a Video section, you can upload your own video as the background by following these steps:

1. From your Shopify Admin, go to Settings and click on Files

2. Upload the video by clicking on Upload Files

3. Copy the entire URL found next to the uploaded file. 

4. Go back to your page in Page Studio.

5. Select the Video section, located under the More button in Simple Start:

6. Click on Module Settings, located at the bottom of the section.

7. Paste the copied URL into the Video URL input.

8. Remove https: from the link:


After, what it should look like:

9. Save your changes!