Infinite Options & Shopify Point of Sale

We are pleased to announce that Infinite Options supports Shopify's Point of Sale app!

Setting up

In the Shopify POS app, for every location add the Infinite Options Add Properties Cart Action to your Smart Grid.

1. On the home screen of the Shopify POS app, tap Add tile within the grid.

2. Tap App > Infinite Options and tap Add + next to the item with the Manage Properties subtitle under the ACTIONS title.

3. Tap Done.


1. Add all products in the transaction to your cart.

2. Go to home screen of the Shopify POS app and tap on the Infinite Options Manage Properties button. You will see all products in the cart that matched an Infinite Options option set rule. Enter values for all fields necessary for this transaction. Tap the Save button at the bottom of the form, and then tap the Close link in the top right to go back to the home screen.

3. Verify that all of your Line Item Properties look good on the cart summary screen and complete the checkout.

Helpful Tips

  • If you wish to use Infinite Options only on your POS channel, you can disable the application on the settings tab to prevent options from displaying on your Online Store channel, and options will remain accessible on POS. 
  • If you have any required fields, be sure to train your sales associates to click on the Infinite Options Add Properties button after adding all of the products in the transaction to the cart.
  • Bundled Products are supported by POS.  If you have a line item with a quantity greater than 1, an equal number of bundled products will be added to the cart.
  • If you close the Infinite Options Add Properties screen and then relaunch it, you will not see your options selected by default. For this reason, we recommend adding all of the products to the cart before clicking the Infinite Options button. You will be able to verify that the line item properties are set on the cart summary screen before completing checkout.
  • The Email Cart feature in POS is not currently supported by Infinite Options.
  • Infinite Options currently supports the all-new Shopify POS on iOS devices. Support for Android coming soon!