How do I create more than 100 variants?

Will Infinite Options help me create more variants?

Product customizing apps like Infinite Options allow you to create unlimited options such as checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, swatches, and drop-down menus, which will help you bypass the Shopify 100 variant limitation, but 3rd party apps cannot create Shopify variants. 

Options are created on the Infinite Options app dashboard and assigned to products. They won't be exactly the same as Shopify variants. 

What is the difference between a Shopify Variant and Infinite Options?

Here are some differences between Shopify Variant and Infinite Options:

Shopify Variants

  • Allow price variance to be applied directly on the Shopify product listing.  
  • Are linked to inventory.
  • Limited to 100 variants per product.
  • The product image can change on the product pages depending on the variant selected.
  • Variants are created and visible through the Shopify admin in the Products section.

Infinite Options

  • Options do not track or affect inventory.
  • You can create an unlimited number of options. 
  • You can display multiple kinds of options on a product page, and you can display options conditionally based on a previous click.
  • You can use options to create add-on products to increase your average order value. 
  • Selecting an option won't change product images on the product pages depending on the variant selected.
  • Options are created and visible through the Infinite Options dashboard.

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