Set button links

Before we start setting button links in Page Studio, there's a few formatting requirements to take note of.

When setting links to other web pages, always include the https:// portion of the URL.

When setting links to an email prompt, format the link by prefixing your email address with mailto:, as seen in the image below.

Getting Started...

Follow the steps below on how to set links on Page Studio buttons.

1. Starting from the Page Studio editor, add a Buttons content block to the page.

2. Hover over the button, then click on the Link icon.

3. Replace the Link field with your URL.

  • The Open New Window checkbox will control whether the visitor is taken to a brand new window in their browser when they click on the button.
  • The Text field will control what text appears on your button.
  • The Title field will be the text that appears if a visitor hovers over the button on your store.

4. Save your changes.