Get started with Infinite Options

Welcome to the Infinite Options app!

Infinite Options allows you to create as many custom option fields for your product pages as you need. You can specify exactly which product pages on your Shopify store that these custom options will appear on as well. 

Infinite Options Dashboard

From the Infinite Options App Dashboard, you'll be able to start creating option fields and applying them to your products. 

Here's a helpful document that will walk you through how to create option fields: Click here!
Here's a helpful document that will show you how to apply your option fields to your product pages: Click here!

Your option fields

Below is an example of how the custom option fields that you create with Infinite Options will appear on a product page:

All inputs coming from these option fields will appear within the Order Details on your Shopify Admin:

In order for your custom option fields to display on your product pages and properly register to the Order Details, there are several installation steps that must be taken. There are two ways of doing so, as displayed in the screenshot below taken from the Infinite Options app dashboard (in the Help section of the app sidebar):

Online Help Docs: The help documents listed at the top of the screenshot (Getting Started with Infinite Options) will guide you on installing the app within your theme's code files.

Expert Install Service: Don't want to mess with digging into your theme's code files to install your app? For a one-time fee of $20 USD, our team can fully install your Infinite Options app so that it's ready for you to start creating your option fields, all within a quick one business day turnaround. Get started with the Expert Install Service here.

If you have any questions about either process, you can always contact our Customer Success team.

Once the app is installed, you've created some option fields, and you've assigned them to your product pages, your options will then be properly displaying on your product pages! *High Five*