Infinite Options: Frequently Asked Questions

Infinite Options is installed, now what?

Time to get excited, you’re ready to start setting up the app and creating options! In order for options to appear on your store, you'll need to assign them to products.

How do I set up Infinite Options?

First you will need to install the Infinite Options code snippet into your current theme and then start creating option fields. Here are some great articles that will go over this process with you:

  1. Install Infinite Options code snippet
  2. Create options
  3. Assign options to products
We also recommend adding the display of option selections to your email notifications:

I’m having trouble setting up Infinite Options, is there an Expert Install Service?

Yes! We are more than happy to help set it up for you. 😊

You can request the service on the Infinite Options dashboard. Click here to see what’s included: Expert Install Service.

How do I move my options under my Shopify Variants?

If options from the app are displaying above your Shopify variants, you can add the Infinite Options code snippet into your theme so the options are positioned below the Shopify variants on the product page.

For placing this snippet of code, follow the steps in this article: Install Infinite Options Code.

Why do I need to add a line of code (the install code snippet) to my theme?

The install code snippet (seen here: Install Infinite Options) ensures that everything is running as it should. When the snippet is not added, Infinite Options will take its best guess at where to display the options on your product page.

By placing the install code snippet, you will tell the app where in the theme exactly the options should display. If you need any help with adding this line of code, feel free to reach us here at the Customer Success team.

Why do my options display or look odd on my product page? 

Some themes require some additional code called CSS to format the options nicely on your store's product pages.

We offer an article with basic steps if you would like to tackle this yourself: Customize Options using CSS. If you would like additional help with this, feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to help!

My options take a long time to load on my product page. How can I speed up the load time? 

By default, Shopify apps load after the page is generated. If you'd like to decrease the time it takes to load the app, follow the steps here.

How do I reorder the options on my product page? 

Follow this article to learn how to reorder options: Reorder Option Sets/Options.

Why are my options labeled "infinite_options_1"?

By default, infinite_options_1 is the generated field name Infinite Options uses for options. This text appears at the cart summary screen, checkout, and the order details page next to what the customer has input or selected for the option. We recommend adjusting this and making it unique for all of your options.

To change the options' field names, you can check out this article here!

Where can I find my customer's selected options? 

Options selected through Infinite Options will display as line item properties within an order. To locate the options, click here to learn more!

Why aren't all of my customers' options selections not registering on my orders? 

There could be a variety of reasons. Click here to learn more about those possibilities!

Can I add a cost to an option? 

Our Product Bundles feature allows you to attach an add-on product to the option selection so you can add an extra cost to your main product. Create a new product like $5.00 gift wrapping and bundle it to your option. When selected, both products will be added to cart.

Click here to learn more about the Product Bundles feature.

How can I link options to my inventory?

At this time, Infinite Options is not able to track inventory. Our preferred workaround is to use Shopify variants to track inventory and then use Infinite Options for the additional fields that don't need to be tracked in inventory. 

Can the product image change depending on an option selection?

At this time, Infinite Options is unable to change the product image based on which option is selected. A suggested workaround is to use your Shopify variants for product image changes, and Infinite Options for additional selections.

Can I use Infinite Options' conditional logic feature along with Shopify variants? 

While the conditional logic feature allows you to add rules to your options, they cannot be applied to Shopify variants. The feature only works with options created through our app. 

Can I use Infinite Options with Shopify promo codes? 

You can use Shopify promo codes with Infinite Options and accept them at checkout without any issues. There is no conflict with discounts and the options you create with our application.

Why do I see some random code on my cart page when using the Product Bundles feature? 

When using the Product Bundles feature with Infinite Options, there may be some strange text that appears at the cart page. To hide that strange text, you can follow this guide here: Hiding product bundle data on the cart page.

Will Infinite Options allow me to show customers the product with their own personalized options?

Unfortunately, Infinite Options will not show you a live preview directly on top of the product's image. 

Does Infinite Options work with Quick View? 

Unfortunately, Quick View does not support third party apps so you will not be able to use that feature with Infinite Options.

How do I export my customer's option selections via a CSV file? 

At this time, Shopify doesn't export option selections (line item properties) with orders via CSV files. Don't worry though! There are apps for that.

Don't worry though! There are apps for that. Line item properties or option selections can be exported with orders using the Easy Reports app or the EZ Exporter app. For integrating Infinite Options with EZ Exporter, you can follow this guide: Click me!

You could also use our app Mesa to export orders into Google Sheets. To set this up, install this Mesa template. Mesa is our personal favorite solution.

How to make options mandatory/required to fill in?

When creating options, under the Advanced Options section, click Yes on Required Field, and save your changes.

How to make Drop-Down Menus required selections?

How to make Swatches required selections?

Why are option selections appearing twice in the cart?

If option selections are appearing twice in the cart, you may need to remove some code that was added to your cart.liquid or cart-template.liquid file.

This issue occurs when your theme already displays option selections on the cart page, and you've added additional code to display them again.

To resolve this issue, retrace your steps from this article, and delete any code that was added.

How do I cancel my trial? 

To cancel your trial, you will need to uninstall the app from your store. We provide a helpful article on how to do this here.